The US is not seeking to restrain the development of China, but I want mutually beneficial relations, said Vice-President Michael Penny (PHOTO)

США не стремятся сдерживать развитие КНР, но хотят взаимовыгодных отношений, сказал вице-президент Майкл Пенс (ФОТО)

The United States does not seek to contain China’s development and desire of building mutually beneficial bilateral relations. This statement was made on Thursday by Vice-President Michael Penny. He said in the research Centre of Woodrow Wilson’s keynote speech, dedicated to the vision of Washington the further development of American-Chinese relations, reports TASS.

“The President [Donald trump] also made it clear that the U.S. does not seek confrontation with China, said Deputy head of the U.S. administration. – We want equal conditions, open markets, fair trade, respect for our values.”

Pence assured that the US “will defend our interests and values”, and to do so “in the spirit of goodwill to all.” “The US President Donald trump was able to build strong personal relationships with Chinese President XI Jinping – said Vice-President. – Based on this, we will look for ways of improving relations for the benefit of our peoples. Believe that the United States and China can and must work together for peaceful and prosperous future. Only honest dialogue and good will in the negotiations can make that future real.”

According to Pence, Washington “does not seek to contain China’s development”. “We want to have constructive relations with the leaders of China . And if China takes a step forward and take advantage of this unique moment in history, to start with a clean sheet, completing the application of trade practices that for too long has abused the interests of the American people, I know that the President is Donald trump ready to enter this new future [in bilateral relations] – added Pens. – US reaches out to China soon, we hope Beijing will respond, not with words but with deeds, with renewed respect for America.”

In addition, Michael Pence confirmed that the U.S. will not only follow the policy of “one China”, but also to develop relations with Taiwan. “While our administration continues to follow the policy of “one China”, as reflected in the three joint communiqués and [American] Law about relations with Taiwan, China over the past year, through the “checkbook diplomacy” persuaded the two countries to diplomatically recognise Beijing and not Taipei, which intensified pressure for democracy in Taiwan. The international community should never forget that his engagement with Taiwan is not threatening the world, it protects the world in Taiwan and in the region as a whole”, – signature of Vice President. In his words, “America will always believe that democracy in Taiwan shows a more attractive way for all Chinese people.”

According to the Deputy head of the American administration, improvement of bilateral relations is a challenge for both Washington and Beijing. “America will continue to seek to fundamentally restructure its relationship with China. And under the leadership of President Donald trump, America will move this course. The American people and our elected officials in both parties [the US] will save determination. We will defend our values, and we act thus in the spirit of charity and good will towards all” – said Penny.

According to him, Washington insists primarily on the resolution of bilateral trade and economic problems. “We really believe that if we manage to straighten out the economic relationship, it may lay the Foundation for other issues, – said the Vice-President. – I spoke about a year ago, the President spoke about it openly, and today I was again outspoken on this topic. The President really believes that the opportunity to rectify economic relations is the area in which we can begin, not to end a new relationship between the US and China.”

From his point of view, termination of a trade war between the US and China would allow the parties to pursue “a wide range of issues.”