The US is preparing to “close the Turkish economy” because of the invasion of Syria

США готовятся "закрыть экономику Турции" из-за вторжения в Сирию

The President of the United States Donald trump gave us the Ministry of Finance is “new and very significant powers in the issue of sanctions” against the Turkish government. This was stated on Friday, the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, speaking to reporters in the White house, reports Reuters.

According to officials, trump “has provided the Ministry of Finance a new and very significant powers in the matter of imposition of sanctions against any person associated with the government of Turkey”. Appropriate restrictions will be introduced on the basis of consultations between the President, the Secretary of state and the Minister of Finance.

As reported by Mnuchin, if trump had not yet signed the decree, it definitely will sign during the day. “At the moment we do not impose sanctions [under this decree]”, — noted the Minister.

Minuchin noted that the U.S. sanctions against Turkey can be very powerful and can crush the Turkish economy.

“This is a very powerful sanctions. I hope we don’t have to use them, he said. — But we can crush the Turkish economy, if required.”

“Ongoing difficult military situation, it is being discussed, the Minister said, answering a question as a possible restriction can help US allies. — I believe the President holds special discussion, as the Ministry of defence. This is the path that guarantees the provision of humanitarian Affairs and the protection of people on earth.”

Mnuchin did not agree with the opinion that the previous actions of Washington are not perceived properly by Ankara.

“I do not agree. Can’t comment on confidential discussions at various levels“, — he answered the question of why this time Turkey, according to the United States should change the behavior because of the threat of sanctions.

The Minister also said that he is now no data about the cancellation of the planned November visit of a Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan in Washington in connection with the aggravation of relations between the U.S. and Turkey. “I don’t know about any changes,” he said.

“Nevertheless, I [anything] this is not confirmed, — said Mnuchin, commenting on the overall planned visit of Erdogan and its potential repeal. I just haven’t heard anything one, or the other way”

As previously reported “FACTS”, the US President, Donald trump declared that he would destroy the economy of Turkey, if she violated the agreement and will not control the captured ISIS fighters and their families. About this trump wrote on Twitter the next day after the decision to withdraw American forces from the North-East of Syria.

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