The US state Department announced a reward of $1 million for two Ukrainian hackers

The US state Department offers $1 million reward for information that helps arrest two citizens of Ukraine, who is wanted for cyber crimes. About it writes “true European”.

Госдепартамент США объявил вознаграждение по $1 млн за двух украинских хакеров

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“The U.S. Department of state announces a reward of up to $1 million each for providing information that will help to arrest and prosecute two citizens of Ukraine, Artem V. Radchenko and Alexander V. Eremenko, for participation in transnational organized crime, in particular cybercrime” , — stated in the message.

In January 2019, the U.S. government has indicted Ukrainian hackers in connection with their participation in the scheme of exchange of information obtained by penetrating into the Commission’s database at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC).

In the indictment on 16 counts filed in U.S. district court in new York, the U.S. Department of justice accused Eremenko and Radchenko digital in fraudulent activities and conspiracy for such activities.

“The prosecution alleges that Radchenko and Eremenko broke the system of data collection and analysis (EDGAR) of the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and stole thousands of confidential files, which are then sold for their own benefit,” recalls a state Department.

The Commission then filed a civil action against Yeremenko and a few other individuals and legal entities.

Reward for help in finding hackers offer within TOCRP — rewards in the fight against transnational organized crime.

It is noted that she, along with a similar search program involved in drug-related crimes, since 1986, has helped to prosecute more than 75 criminals from around the world. Informants who helped to catch them, the state Department paid a total of more than $130 million in remuneration.

From February 2016 to March 2017 Artem V. Radchenko hired Alexander V. Eremenko and other hackers from Ukraine and managed their criminal activities to enrich themselves through a complex scheme of securities fraud. Eremenko successfully hacked the computer network of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and obtained valuable data about the financial earnings, according to the Department’s website.

Госдепартамент США объявил вознаграждение по $1 млн за двух украинских хакеров


Scheme Radchenko and Eremenko was sent for theft of annual, quarterly and current reports of the public companies prior to their dissemination. Many of the stolen records contain material non-public information concerning, among other things, earnings. Radchenko and Eremenko tried to obtain illegal profits from this scheme by selling the access of classified information contained in these “not yet disclosed” reports, and trading in securities of companies before the public got to know the same information.

Radchenko played a leadership role in the criminal scheme described above. He hired hackers, including Eremenko, and provided workspace and tools. Instead, the hackers had to pay a percentage of what the information was sold, or, in some cases, a fixed rate.



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