The US stationed in the Pacific precision weapons to deter Russia and China

Equipped with long-range and precision weapons, including hypersonic missiles, units will be located on the Islands of the Pacific, says RBC.

США разместят в Тихом океане высокоточное оружие для сдерживания России и Китая

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The US army plans to deploy on the Pacific Islands of the new part, is designed to neutralize the capabilities of the armed forces of China and Russia, reports Bloomberg, citing Ryan McCarthy, head of the Federal Agency, the office Manager of the U.S. army.

According to officials, it is about the creation of special units capable of conducting cyber attacks and information operations and to strike at sea and ground targets with hypersonic missiles and other types of long-range precision weapons. As conceived by McCarthy, the placement of such parts of the Islands to the East of Taiwan and the Philippines will allow land units to pave the way for the Navy and the U.S. air force.

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“The move is designed to neutralize all investments already made by China and Russia,” said McCarthy. According to him, accommodation in the Pacific new army units will be accompanied by the strengthening of cooperation with the National Agency and the military space intelligence of the USA (National Reconnaissance Office, NRO), making of special forces will be able to receive data from satellites.

Bloomberg notes that the military doctrine of the PRC is built on a strategy of resistance in which aircraft carrier strike groups the US planned to keep away from the Chinese coast to the imposition of anti-ship missiles. Fearing attacks, the carriers must cross “the first and the second Islands chain”, extending to GUAM, Borneo and New Guinea. However, the emergence of the Islands above-ground parts can change the balance of power. According to McCarthy, this will create a new paradigm in the Pacific and would “punch a hole” in the defense of China.

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According to Bloomberg, this step corresponds to the plans of the Pentagon, Mark Esper of the transfer of forces to the Pacific from Europe, Africa and the Middle East to strengthen the military capabilities of the United States in the confrontation with China and Russia.