The US Treasury has fined Amazon for shipping in the annexed Crimea

In December 2014 the Treasury Department, the U.S. imposed sanctions against companies working in Russia-annexed Crimea, says the “Voice of America”.

Казначейство США оштрафовало Amazon за доставку в аннексированный Крым

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Department of the Treasury, the United States was fined Amazon for violation of sanctions related to the Crimea annexed by Russia and with Iran and Syria.

In a statement on the Agency’s website notes that the company was fined the sum of 134 and a half thousand dollars for violation of the various sanctions provided for in the decision of the office for foreign assets control (OFAC). In particular, we are talking about the delivery of goods and provision of services to persons against whom sanctions are provided, as well as those who at that time were in the Crimea, Syria and Iran.

The US Treasury reported that from November 2011 to October 2018 users who were in the Crimea, Syria and Iran, placed an order or were the business of providing services and goods to persons in these regions through the sites Amazon.

According to OFAC, Amazon did not check properly the names and addresses of customers in connection with the sanctions. As for Iran, the Amazon error was the fact that the company had sent goods to the Islamic Republic itself, and its diplomatic missions in other countries.

Amazon admitted guilt and agreed to pay the fine imposed.

In December 2014, came into force the sanctions that allowed the Treasury Department of the United States to impose restrictions on individuals and companies operating in Russia-annexed Crimea. In addition, prohibited the export, re-export, sell or supply to the Peninsula of goods, services and technologies.

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. Kiev and the West consider it a violation of international law and imposed sanctions against Russia, which since then has been repeatedly extended. Moscow calls annexation of Crimea a “restoration of historical justice”.



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