The US withdraw to check Russian mechanical ventilation devices after the fires in hospitals

Russia has put in US the artificial lung ventilation (ALV) of the type that may have been the cause of fires in clinics of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The American government removed them to check. About it writes DW.

США изымают для проверки российские аппараты вентиляции легких после пожаров в больницах

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The States of new York and new Jersey, which was delivered by the Russian ventilation “Aventa-M”, return them to the Agency for emergency situations of the USA (FEMA). On Tuesday, may 12, reported the press Secretary of FEMA Janet Montesi.

The reason for the return of the devices started fires in hospitals of Moscow and St. Petersburg, according to preliminary version, caused by the ignition of this model of machines. In case of fire in the Petersburg clinic killed five people.

Until the investigation is completed

According to Montesi, Russian mechanical ventilation was not used in American hospitals, and was in reserve in case of deterioration. From the reserve they were returned to FEMA before the end of the investigation of fires in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and devices checking the Russian manufacturer Ural instrument-making plant.

The representative of the authorities of the state of new York stated that the state has received 30 vehicles from Russia, but they were not needed. In new Jersey, received 15 of the ventilator, but also did not use them, writes the BBC.

FEMA said that they knew about the fires, but recommended to wait until the end of the investigation in Russia.

Devices “Aventa-M” was delivered to US in early April within the framework of the humanitarian assistance. In the state Department, however, said that the assistance was provided free of charge, and the United States bought from Russia medical equipment and means of protection. Later, the Russian foreign Ministry confirmed the fact of payment, but stressed that it was done not at market prices.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Russia sent in USA funds mezashite to combat coronavirus.
  • The U.S. state Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus said that the medicines and medical equipment, which was delivered on Wednesday in new York the Russian transport aircraft was “purchased” by the authorities of the United States from Russia.
  • Russia put the United States account for almost $660 million for humanitarian aid to combat coronavirus. American experts admitted that part of the cargo was of no use.



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