The use of palm oil is dangerous to health, experts have found

The world Health Organization recommended that researchers, health officials and politicians to change their attitude towards palm oil. Experts have identified dangerous compounds that can be unsafe to human health.

Употребление пальмового масла — опасно для здоровья, выяснили специалисты

Researchers conducted comparative analysis, which revealed an increased incidence of death of cardiovascular disease in people who consumed food products containing palm oil. Moreover, it is found that this oil increases bad cholesterol, which triggers the development of atherosclerotic plaques.

Environmentalists are also sounding the alarm. In the production of palm oil has to cut down and burn a large number of trees. From polluted air in 2015 was recorded about 100,000 deaths. In connection with large-scale deforestation, has reduced populations of many fauna. The damage to the environment is applied to the waste remaining in the manufacture of palm oil, which is not utilized.

Very often manufacturers do not openly write on the label what made product. They prefer to write “vegetable fats”. For this reason, experts advise to buy products which contain this Supplement.

It is also worth considering before buying butter, which is three times cheaper than the next lie. Most likely the composition of cheap oil is added to vegetable (palm) fat.