The usual symptom indicates depression

Scientists believe that acne can be a evidence that their media, there are serious problems with the psyche.

Обычный симптом, свидетельствующий о депрессии

The study was conducted by dermatologists from Britain, which came to the conclusion — acne is really a signal that is sent from the nervous system, write Kommentariya.

This was proven to patients who were sent to psychiatrists for evaluation and further treatment.

Scientists say that is extremely important, as soon as possible to make his first visit to the dermatologist, if acne delivers a strong discomfort.

Early diagnosis will allow you to create the optimum program for skin care and helps to prevent serious mental disorders.

Dermatologists believe that patients with acne with a probability of 63% superior to the average, received a year the diagnosis “depression”.

The risk of light and medium forms of mental disorders persists in the next five years after diagnosis.