The victim of allegations #MeToo comedian Louis C. K. would come to play in Toronto (PHOTOS)

Пострадавший от обвинений #MeToo комик Луи Си Кей приедет выступать в Торонто (ФОТО)

Admitting sexually inappropriate actions, the legend of the Comedy world, Louis C. K. will come next week in Toronto, where five nights in a row to perform on stage.

Six-time winner of the Emmy was accused of masturbating in front of woman colleagues without their consent. He admitted his guilt and apologized. Due to allegations of cooperation with him, refused HBO and Netflix, and the movie “I love you, daddy” was not released in theaters.

Now he comes to Toronto, 2 years after starting the movement #MeToo, which marked the beginning of the confessions of the victims of harassment and sexual violence, resulting in hundreds of influential men were accused of abuse of power and sexual violence, which were dismissed, resigned or ceased public activity.

In Toronto, Louis C. K. will be performing in the stand-up Comedy club Yuk Yuk’s Yuk’from Wednesday 2 October to Sunday 6 October. The tickets will cost only $35, it is reported, just because of the situation with the charges.

However, many people expressed perplexity in social networks, noting that they do not understand how you can take in your institution someone like Louis C. K.