The voice of will Smith talks superspy in the cartoon “Camouflage and espionage”

Will Smith has published on its YouTube channel a new trailer of the cartoon “Camouflage and espionage,” where he voiced the role of superspy. In a feature film Studio 20th Century Fox is the hero of a famous actor will turn into a dove.

Голосом Уилла Смита заговорит суперагент в мультфильме «Камуфляж и шпионаж»

On the idea of the Director of the cartoon nick Bruno, the idea is to turn superspy lance Sterling the bird belongs to the scientist Walter develops high-tech devices for spies. The inventor, who is voiced by Tom Holland, the hero persuaded Smith to agree to the experiment. The Professor noted that the new appearance will help the Sterling to perform the assigned him a dangerous job. The dove no one will suspect of spying, and the superspy in this way can long remain undiscovered and to ferret out all the secret data.

Animated feature with the participation of Smith and Holland based on the story of short films 2009 “Pigeon: Impossible”. Premiere of new items is expected in early January 2020.