‘The war is already lost’: a Mathematician Dmitry Bogatov, who was accused of using Tor in appeals to mass riots, left Russia (PHOTO)

Teacher of mathematics at the Moscow financial-legal Academy and the programmer Dmitry Bogatov wrote in his telegram canal that a year ago left Russia, located in the USA and not going to return. His departure he actually tied up with the repression unleashed by the state and a war against civil society. Bogatov thus configured pessimistic and believes that “the war is already lost” and to change the political regime will fail.

“The time has come to pull a rabbit out of a hat. A year ago, I left Russia to better times. A couple of days ago I got permission to work in the United States,” – said the Russian, he been behind bars just for the fact that his IP address was used by other people, publish posts with a call to radical forms of protest.

According to the programmer, Dmitry Bogatov, he follows the news from Russia and “does not see prospects for better times”. “I take my hat off to those who are still trying to fight for human rights and democracy in Russia, but you have to admit the war is already lost. In fact, the war was not. In war there are casualties on both sides, if there is slaughter. Over the past two years happened two miracles – my business and the work of Ivan Golunova. Two cases when the system took a bite, chewed, but concerned the company was forced to spit it out. Two lives saved,” said the emigrant.

He laments that “even in the event such an incredible success, the enemy is not suffered any loss”: not a single investigator went on stage, and neither the Prosecutor was not dismissed without the right to hold public office. “Nothing, nothing”, – concluded Dmitry Bogatov.

He advised those who are trying to fight, to follow his example, or keep a low profile. “Guys, stop playing Russian roulette. Can run – run, and help out those who are sitting. Left (from behind bars. – Approx. NEWSru.com) – run, and help out those who are sitting. Can’t run – help those who are sitting or fled, but in no case do not sit,” wrote former prisoner.

In conclusion, Dmitry Bogatov asked me to help him and his wife, biologist employment abroad. He also posted a photo, which stands next to the bust of the leader of the civil rights movement of blacks in the U.S. Martin Luther king and holding a poster “Freedom to political prisoners!”.

Recall that such repression women have experienced. 6 April 2017 25-year-old math teacher was arrested in a criminal case on the incitement to riot during uncoordinated protests on 2 April in Moscow. Bogatov also was charged with public appeals to terrorist activities and the attempted organisation of mass disorder.

The reason for this was, in particular, such a post: “April 2 at the red square. On *** (hell) approval. Rags, bottles, gasoline, turpentine, Styrofoam, acetone – possible”. The decision to prosecute Bogatov as a defendant said that in addition to the text calls it, hiding under the name Airat Bashirov, posted a clip of Kanye West and Jay Z’s song No Church in the Wild, which presents a scene of street protesters clashes with the police, wrote the Agency “Faces.ru”.

Himself a mathematician Bogatov pleaded not guilty and claimed that at the time, when was an extremist publication that he, along with his wife was at the gym, and then went to the store. His wife confirmed this information. It was reported that the Bogatov is an administrator of the output node of the Tor network, enabling a third user to “light up” under his IP address.

On 10 April, a decision was taken on his arrest. Bogatov spent three months in jail and five months under house arrest, and on January 30, 2018, he was released under recognizance not to leave. In the end, the experts of the forensic center of the interior Ministry found no evidence of guilt Bogatova: the study seized his laptops and flash cards experts have confirmed that none of the personal devices mathematics there was no illegal evidence linking him to the alleged crimes. In may 2018 the prosecution Bogatova was discontinued.

In the case, the defendant was women, were arrested 33-year-old programmer from Stavropol Vladislav Kuleshov. He was charged under part 2 of article 205.2 of the criminal code (“Public appeals to implementation of terrorist activities using the Internet”) and part 1 of article 30, part 1 of article 212 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Attempt at the preparation of mass riots”). These articles were imputed and Bogatov.

Only on the 212-th article Kuleshov threatened by punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for more than 11 years. But then the charge was softened. The court case was qualified under part 3 of article 212 (calls to mass riots). Now Kuleshov was threatened with a penalty of two years imprisonment.

The defendant pleaded guilty, his case was considered in a special order. In the end, the judge of Industrial district court of Stavropol Olga nepomnyashchaya sentenced the programmer Vladislav Kuleshov a half years of imprisonment. According to the verdict, within one and a half years, he must live at the place of residence and to report regularly to the place of residence and to travel outside of the municipality, wrote in February 2019 “the Media”.