The weather forecast for August 2022 worries many people. Further dangerous situations

The weather in Poland can change from moment to moment.

The weather forecast for August 2022 worries many people. Other dangerous situations

Especially in the summer, when the heat is accompanied by lightning, heavy rainfall, hail and gale, can be hard inhabitants of the country and are the cause of much destruction and misfortune.

What awaits us in August? There will be a lot to choose from.

The weather in August puzzles everyone who has planned outdoor vacation activities.

As forecast by weather forecasters, the first half of August will bring a sunny and pleasant period, and the 10th the day of the month will be the warmest.

From August 11 to the 20th of the month, temperatures will range from 23 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius in western Poland.

holidays from 25 to 28 August inclusive. Sudden weather conditions are expected to occur at the end of the month.

Highest temperature will be 8/5/2022. Then on thermometers above 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. Two or three degrees less will be around August 10. Throughout the month, the average temperature should be around 25 degrees Celsius. The warmest will be in Wrocław, Poznań and Zielona Góra – we read in “Eska”. that will allow plants and crops to soak up the rain.

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