The White House hosts a second international summit on ransomware on Monday and Tuesday

The White House is hosting a second international rançunware summit on Monday and Tuesday


The White House hosts the Biden administration's second international summit on “ransomware” on Monday and Tuesday, which will be attended by 36 countries and the European Union. 

While the meeting took place in a virtual format last year, the debates will this time be held in person in Washington, a senior US administration official said in an interview with reporters.

Dealing with “ransomware”, these computer attacks which paralyze companies or public services, and which are linked to ransom demands most often in bitcoins, “is more and more difficult”, recognized this source, who does not did not wish to be named.

“The pace and sophistication of these attacks is growing faster than our resilience and efforts to disrupt them,” she also said.

The senior official gave the example of a very recent attack against the school district of Los Angeles, the largest in the United States, following which confidential data was leaked by cybercriminals.

She also mentioned the numerous ransomware attacks against hospitals around the world, as well as against states or local administrations, taking the example of those suffered this year by Costa Rica or by the city of Palermo in the south of Italy.

The main novelty compared to 2021 will be the participation of companies, such as the American giant Microsoft, the German group Siemens or the Indian conglomerate Tata.

“We invited the private sector to join us for a discussion because we know (that companies) have visibility into the threat, the actors, the networks used, and the best way to counter these threats,” said senior manager.

“It is not just the beginning,” she said, adding that the goal is to involve other companies in the future.