The white house is preparing a new immigration restrictions because of the coronavirus: what you need to know

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is preparing to impose another set of restrictions on legal immigration, referring to the impact of the pandemic coronavirus, despite the fact that the administration insists on the resumption of the U.S. economy. This writes CNN.

Белый дом готовит новые иммиграционные ограничения из-за коронавируса: что нужно знать

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Despite the attempts of President Donald trump to overcome the pandemic, the administration continues to take measures to reduce immigration, referring to the outbreak and its consequences for the economy.

One of the key figures behind the desire to restrict immigration is Steven Miller, senior Advisor to trump on immigration and the developer of the presidential program of immigration. In April, trump signed a decree forbidding immigration to the United States. Trump claimed that the order is necessary to protect American jobs.

On the background of the pandemic coronavirus, the administration has taken a number of immigration measures. Among these changes is the closure of the southern border for immigrants, including those seeking asylum, unless certain conditions are met.

After the April order President Miller called the move a first step towards reducing the flow of immigrants arriving in the United States. This statement was set the deadline of the order, and he is already close, but there was also the possibility left for its extension or modification.

Interested groups, companies and experts are fighting any new restrictions, stating that visas that allow immigrants to temporarily work in the United States are of crucial importance for the economy of the country.

“Why he wants to cut critical workforce that will help the economy to recover?” said Greg Chen, Director for government relations of the American bar Association on immigration issues.

“It’s not rational or reasonable approach, it only indicates the primary purpose of achieving the objectives of the presidential campaign to end immigration,” added Chen.

Trump has promised that the order “would ensure that unemployed Americans of any origin was first in line for jobs on the our economy.”

Political advisers trump review steps on immigration as motivation for his supporters at the time when the key campaign message from the President — a strong economy severely weakened by the pandemic.

Legal immigration, which already suffered during the outbreak, is back in the spotlight.

Discusses the suspension of visas that allow immigrants to temporarily work in the United States for some time, including visas L-1 intracompany transfers, H-1B for specialty workers, H-2B for temporary workers, agricultural workers and J-1 visa.

According to sources, it is expected that exceptions will be made for employees related Covid-19, such as medical workers and jobs associated with the food supply.

In recent weeks, businesses and industry groups expressed concern, stressing the importance of skilled labor to the US economy.

Commercial and industrial Association (ITI) wrote to Trump, arguing that non-immigrant visas are the key to maintaining the economy in a global public health crisis.

ITI is supported by companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle.

“The limitation of our human capital can lead to unintended consequences and can cause significant economic uncertainty, if we have to recalibrate our employees based on country of birth,” reads the letter signed by hundreds of employers, business, industry and higher education institutions. Among the signatories were Facebook, Twitter, Google, Lyft and others.

Visas are “critically important safety valve for companies to meet the seasonal needs of the labor force” when no American workers to fill short-term jobs.

“There are employers, there are trade associations that are constantly talking with the administration and Congress about the value of these programs,” said Gregg Hartley, co-chair of the coalition of labor H2-B.

But just as businesses and industrial groups contributed, as well, and advocates of reducing immigration, said that changes needed to protect American workers.

“We provide information, and, most importantly, our members hold the same position,” said Roy Beck, President of NumbersUSA, a group that advocates reducing immigration.

Republican senators Tom cotton, Ted Cruz, Chuck Grassley, and Josh Hawley also sent Trump a letter calling to suspend the issuance of new work visas for 60 days, as well as “certain categories of” work visas “at least until next year or until unemployment returns to normal level” to protect American workers.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • On April 22 the President of the United States Donald trump has signed a decree to limit immigration into the country. It will be valid for 60 days and then can be removed or renewed.



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