The white house refused to cooperate with Congress on the impeachment of trump

The White house officially announced the refusal to cooperate with the investigation about the possibility of impeachment of the President of the United States Donald Trump held by the Democrats in the House of representatives. In the presidential administration believe these accusations “baseless” and “unconstitutional”. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Белый дом отказался сотрудничать с Конгрессом по импичменту Трампа

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“Your unprecedented action has left the President choice, — said in the letter, written by attorney Pat Cipollone against the Democrats in the house leadership. — In order to fulfill its obligations to the American people, the Constitution, the Executive branch and all future presidents, the President of trump and his administration are unable to participate in your one-party and unconstitutional investigation in these circumstances.”

The letter was published shortly after the administration of the trump banned one of the key witnesses in the “Ukrainian case” to testify in the investigation of Congress.

The state Department reported that Gordon Sandland, the permanent US representative to the EU, was forbidden to appear at the hearings in the House of representatives, despite the fact that the diplomat especially for this arrived in Washington from Europe. Donald trump has called the investigation, conducted by Democrats, “judicial farce”.

Democrats have condemned the decision, considering it an attempt to obstruct the investigation, and stated that Sandland will be obliged to testify with subpoenas. The state Department has not responded to questions asking them to explain why Sandland forbidden to testify to lawmakers hours before the commencement of the hearing.

The investigation by the House of representatives, could potentially lead to the imposition of the charges against trump on articles of impeachment. The decision to remove the President from office will be made in the Senate, where majority Republicans – supporters of President trump. While the Senate Republicans had shown no interest in the removal of the President from power.

On Tuesday evening, October 8, Democrats in the House of representatives has received a summons in the name of Gordon Sandland with the requirement to testify in the investigation about the possibility of impeachment against Donald trump.

In a letter addressed to Sandland, chairmen of Democrats of the three committees of the house of representatives write that the diplomat should appear in the Congress on 16 October and to answer questions regarding his role in the attempts by trump to initiate an investigation in Ukraine, the actions of Joe Biden.

The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi said that President Donald trump “will be responsible” because of the refusal of the White house to cooperate with Congress in the investigation about the possibility of impeachment.

“The white house should be warned that continuing efforts to conceal from the American people the truth about the President’s abuse of their power will be considered… evidence of obstruction of [justice]… Mr. President, you are not above the law. You will be held accountable,” said Pelosi.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Telephone conversation of the presidents of the United States and Ukraine caught the interest of the congressmen in the investigation, not tried trump and his attorney Rudolph Giuliani to put pressure on Ukraine in order to help the election campaign trump in 2020.
  • The Democrats have announced a formal request of impeachment of the President of the United States, the impetus for which was the conversation of the Ukrainian and American leaders.
  • The U.S. state Department published a transcript of the conversation of President Vladimir Zelensky and U.S. President Donald trump.
  • The house of representatives launched an investigation into impeachment. Among Democrats, there are voices that need to act quickly, but if charges will be brought against Trump, they will consider the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans.