The white house released a ‘transcript’ of the conversation with trump Zelensky, whom the U.S. President is threatened by impeachment (PHOTO)

The white house on Wednesday published on its website a “transcript” of a conversation of U.S. President Donald trump with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy, which took place on 25 July. According to the American President, who is facing removal from office, this document proves his innocence.

Notes close trump on the telephone conversation that the White house prefers to call the transcript, fit only five pages in bold. And this despite the fact that the conversation between the presidents lasted for 30 minutes.

The name of the Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden, which is the most likely competitor to trump in the upcoming presidential elections, the text occurs several times, reports “Interfax”. Material compiled on the basis of records of White house staff present in the office of the tramp during a conversation. The document indicates that the tramp really Zelensky asked to investigate the case of the son of Joe Biden. However, according to American media, the trump during the conversation is not linked directly with the further assistance to Ukraine.

“One more thing. There is talk about the son of a Biden, that Biden stopped the proceedings (in the Ukraine. – Approx. Interfax”), and many people want to know about it. So all you could do on this matter with the attorney General (for this topic. – Approx. Interfax”) would be good,” trump said during the conversation.

According to the American President, “Biden went and bragged that he stopped the proceedings”. “So if You can do it…” then do it, asked trump.

In response, Zelensky said that in aware of this situation, and the new attorney General of Ukraine will be engaged in this business.

Earlier this conversation with trump Zelensky has caused a wide resonance in the American media. It was reported that Donald trump in a phone interview literally put pressure on Ukrainian President, urging him to start an investigation against hunter Biden son of Joe Biden. It was also alleged that the President of the United States “about eight times” called Zelensky “work” with the attorney Rudy Giuliani on the issue of investigation of hunter Biden.

Trump also, according to his critics, linked the investigation against the son of Biden with the allocation of Ukraine assistance in the amount of $ 250 million, says Meduza.