The who has advised Belarus to cancel mass events, including football

ВОЗ посоветовала Беларуси отменить массовые мероприятия, в том числе футбол

The world health organization has advised Belarus to introduce a social distancing from the outbreak of coronavirus and, in particular, to suspend sporting events.

On Saturday at a briefing in Minsk, said the head which is in Belarus who mission Patrick O’connor writes

Belarus is the only country in Europe where people play football during a pandemic coronavirus, and spectators go to matches.

However, O’connor said that Belarus transmission is occurring at the community level. Therefore, in order to contain the spread of the virus, you need to ensure the physical distancing of people. That means not all mass events, including sports, go to distance learning and to reduce the optional movement of people, especially at-risk elderly and chronic diseases.

“Time to prepare for the worst scenarios, this race for the long haul”, he said.

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Health Minister of Belarus Vladimir Karanik said that the decision to suspend the football championship should make the Ministry of sport and tourism. From the Ministry of health is to give people information about the need to limit their contacts.

In addition, now the match tickets are sold to fans sitting in rows, in front of the entrance to the stadium, they measure temperature. In cities where the unfavourable epidemiological situation, for example, in Vitebsk, matches is not carried out.

Recall that in Belarus, according to the latest data of the local Ministry of health recorded 2226 cases COVID-19 (+245 for the day). The number of recovered 172 people have died 23.