The widow of a football player Andriy Gusin frankly told him how he lives after his death

Вдова футболиста Андрея Гусина откровенно рассказала, как живет после его гибели

The widow of the famous football player Andriy Gusin, who died five years ago, for the first time gave a Frank interview and told how she lives with the children after the death of her husband. In an interview to the channel “Ukraine” Kristina went with the middle son Ivan and daughter Nastenka. Remembering the father, the girl burst into tears in front of the camera.

Kristina remembered the first time in history, c Andrew, bright family moments and difficulties faced by a young family.

Christina told me that the meeting with Andrew turned her life. Then 17-year-old girl was enrolled in the ensemble Virsky in Kiev and made plans for a great artistic future. But a fateful meeting with her future husband in Lviv at the birthday party of her godmother she radically changed her plans.

“He immediately endeared himself: such an open person, he knows how to keep the conversation going, to open up in conversation. Honestly, as a kid, I football was not very fond of. The house had one TV and dad often watched broadcasts of matches, while I wanted to watch a movie on another program. Now that I have become an avid fan of: sitting at matches or in front of the TV, screaming like crazy…“—said in an interview with “FACTS,” Christine.

Вдова футболиста Андрея Гусина откровенно рассказала, как живет после его гибели

A few years after meeting Andrew and Christina were married. As a caring wife, she left her career and engaged family. Waited for her husband with sports fees, raise children, and condescending attitude towards his hobby. And even the fact that Andrew at first earned money decided not to buy a house and fulfill their dream — to get legendary McLaren took quite calmly. With this car began with the collection of the player. Kristina admits that the sale of cars allowed her children to live after her husband’s death.

Вдова футболиста Андрея Гусина откровенно рассказала, как живет после его гибели

Tragic day the widow of a football player recalls with tears in his eyes. 17 Sep 2014 the eldest son Andrei in Odessa preparing for an important match, the average Ivan was in school, and Christina with three year old she went to the club. Husin is the senior then went to the sports complex Chaika to test his new motorcycle, which he bought a month before the tragedy.

“It was the best motorcycle that could be very powerful. This was a problem because Andrew lost his power, that is, he overestimated his ability,” — said the widow of the football program “Sravi way” on the channel “Ukraine”.

Christine says to keep Andrew tried his mother, who tried to persuade the son not to sit behind the wheel of a sports bike.

“It is more categorical, with tears, tantrums tried everything to stop it. Andrew was hard to convince, if something is currently scheduled…” — says Kristina.

Вдова футболиста Андрея Гусина откровенно рассказала, как живет после его гибели

After the fateful call, she at first did not believe in the death of her husband, did not even allow such thoughts.

“I called Bob Kardash says, Vashchuk called, asking where Andriy. He went on to ride the Seagull? Say, it crashed the motorcycle. I say: so, what’s up with him? And gaining one of the men, he says: I’m sorry, Christine, I’m sorry to say this, but Yes, it’s Andrew crashed. I sit in the car, go there, but I hope the last one was, that it wasn’t him after all, that someone on his motorbike crashed” — said Christina Gusin.

Вдова футболиста Андрея Гусина откровенно рассказала, как живет после его гибели

The eldest son, Andrew learned about the death of his father before going out on the football field.

“He played for “Dnepr” youth, and also learned about what happened before the game. He was asked: are you going to play — are you? He said: I want to play in memory of dad came out, even scored a goal”, — said Husin.

The average Ivan learned of the tragedy from the Internet, read the message in the news feed.

“I just came by to news, read at recess and see news about Andrei Gusina died. I didn’t at first, scored, he is not responsible”, — says the son of a football player.

Andrei Gusin was 41 years. Player buried in Kiev baykove cemetery near the grave of the legendary football player and coach Valery Lobanovsky. In the death of her husband she said a mystical sign.

Before that killed Bal and Belkevich, and all this happened on the fortieth day. We are not versed in all this mysticism, unfortunately, so they are all next to all three of them are buried and, by the way, Lobanovsky there too. As they say, Valery collects the team in the next world”, — said Christina Gusin.

She admits that they still difficult to accept the loss. But time heals all wounds. She found the strength to live, to raise children, to work.

Of course, you had the time to join the law of inheritance, and at that stage to sell several machines to live. It seemed to me that Andrew will live forever, happily ever after and the evil will be harmful granddad, he always gave the impression of such rocks, which no one will break that self-confident”, — said Christina Gusin.

She now works as the florist decorates the summer terraces of restaurants. Kristina not refuses any money offered by the friends.

“I am glad that there are people who support me even in such a way that give me a job”, — said the widow of Andrei Gusin.

The memory of him in the family were numerous videos that he liked to shoot. No family holiday is not complete without a camera. Andrew created these movies of a wife and kids. Once he even hired by the Agency of actors to play wife and shoot everything on camera.

Married Christina realized myself as a clothing designer. It showcased their collections at the Ukrainian Fashion Weeks.

We will remind, the football player Andrey Gusin died on September 17, 2014 on the autodrome “Chaika”. He crashed on a motorcycle, lost control. Andrey Husin played for Dynamo Kyiv from 1993 to 2005.

At the end of his playing career Husin worked as an assistant coach in the Russian “Saturn”, “Wings of the Soviets” and “Anji” and headed Kiev “Dynamo-2”.

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