The wife of Dmitry Komarov has told how going through the long business trips of her husband

Leading is constantly on business trips.

Жена Дмитрия Комарова рассказала, как переживает длительные командировки мужа

The young wife of a leading Dmitry Komarov model Alexander Kucherenko told how experiencing separation from him.

The presenter is always in business trips for filming, so Alexander Kucherenko found a way to survive the separation from loved ones.

Recently, Dmitry Komarov went on a trip that will last six months. But this time he made an exception and went for two months.

“He just went on a business trip, so I haven’t much time to get bored. Usually the trip of Dima continues somewhere half a year. But this time, he decided to divide the trip into several periods to have time to see more of. His first trip will last for two months,” admitted the model.

Also the star said that he had found a way to see more of her husband, while working full time.

“We think so, that I was coming to see him on neutral territory for three days,” said Alexander.