The wife of Dmitry Komarov has told, whether she and her husband the addition to the family

The wife of a leading “the World inside out“ Dmitry Komarov “Miss Ukraine-2016“ Alexander Kucherenko shared intimate details of his personal life. She also declassified — whether they have children.

Жена Дмитрия Комарова рассказала, планируют ли они с супругом пополнение в семье

Now Dmitry is the next expedition, and his young wife had recently returned from Paris, where he participated in shooting a commercial. According to Kucherenko, for her trip to France was not at all romantic.

For me, romance, perhaps even in the jungle. Romance is where my husband, — says Alexander.

She also admitted that he had not seen a loved one for more than a month, but the couple find time and opportunities to maintain communication.

We haven’t seen Dima for more than a month. But actually it is not so noticeable for me because ever. Even I already used a little to Wake up early to wish a good morning and a little late to be connected. Large time frame, but we try to time to more to communicate with each other, — said Kucherenko.

On the question of Katya Osadchaya about whether the couple has added a family, Alexander said the following: We want our family to be big and planned, of course, children. And how exactly are we going to create our family, we’ll see.