The wife of Dmitry Komarov told me how much she misses her husband

Leading often leaves from other countries.

Жена Дмитрия Комарова рассказала, как сильно скучает по мужу

The wife of a leading “the World inside out” Dmitry Komarov “Miss Ukraine-2016” Alexander Kucherenko, who told him that a long time has not seen her husband.

Now Dmitry is the next expedition. The very same Alexander recently returned from Paris, where he participated in shooting a commercial. According to Kucherenko, for her trip to France wasn’t romantic.

“For me, romance, perhaps even in the jungle. Romance is where my husband is,” commented the wife of Komarov.

Alexander admitted that he had not seen a loved one for more than a month, but the couple find time and opportunities to maintain communication.

“We haven’t seen Dima for more than a month. But actually it is not so noticeable for me because ever. Even I already used a little to Wake up early to wish a good morning and a little late to be connected. Large time frame, but we try to time to more to communicate with each other”, — said Kucherenko.