The wife of Sergey Babkina sang at his concert

On October 27 in “Zhovtnevy Palats” held a solo concert of Sergey Babkin. The actor surprised a jazz arrangement of his hit “bi I De”, I photographed the room in the film, sang the old favorite songs and presented a new track “the sky”. But one of the most touching moments was his duet with his beloved wife Snezhana Babkina.

Жена Сергея Бабкина спела на его концерте

The track “Write me”, the artists recorded for a long time, but the three bears never went on stage with her husband. And in yesterday’s the October magic evening it happened for the first time!

“Three bears for the first time in his life came on the music scene, to sing alive our duet song “Write me”! It was a tangle of feelings, emotions, experiences, excitement, which is entwined with admiration, pleasure and global satisfaction. I’m so happy that it happened! Snezh, I love you! In life you easy, cozy and warm, and the scene is a breath of fresh air. It’s like you’re blessed for a successful concert. Gave strength, reassured and filled with confidence. You went for a rocker, and I realized that today would be all very well. Wrong as always, and special. Love you with all my heart, to the bottom of the soul. But with you, she’s bottomless”,

— commented Sergei statement with his beloved.