The Wild West

The Wild West


  • July 13: “Attempted murder in Montreal North”.
  • July 12: ”  Double attempted murder with a knife”.
  • July 10: “One injured after a stabbing in Laval”.
  • July 8: “A 24-year-old man stabbed in LaSalle”.
  • July 8: two other men stabbed in Ville-Marie.
  • July 7: “A 16-year-old boy shot and injured”. wounded by bullets in Montreal”.

And the list is long!


Still a relative haven of peace until recently, Greater Montreal is unrecognizable. The violence, now almost daily, has become commonplace. 

You can hear a discharge from a gun every 2.5 days, not to mention stabbings and other forms of crime.

If this new reality leaves you speechless, what about the above-ground reaction of our elected officials? 

Valérie Plante likes to think that Montreal remains safe, while that other elected officials are bent on access to arms.

Yet it is not the availability of weapons alone that fuels violence. 

It is violent people who create a demand for weapons.


The thugs must therefore be put down with firmness and intransigence. Respect for the law and the maintenance of order should be non-negotiable.

But to succeed, we must break with the delirious woke rantings which advocate the defunding of the police and the hatred of authority , and who see systemic racism everywhere. Instead, let the police hunt down criminals and prevent them from causing harm.

Of course, family and social problems are often at the root of violent behavior. But that is not the problem of honest citizens. 

After all, we cannot endanger an entire population while waiting for the thugs to undertake behavioral therapy!

The Wild West