The wind to help: coach of the Swedish team during the match, nearly took the goalposts (video)

Ветер в помощь: тренера шведской команды во время матча чуть не накрыли футбольные ворота (видео)

On the territory of Western Europe was struck by a powerful hurricane, which led, in particular, to serious disruptions in the functioning of public transport.

In the English Premier League was even canceled match of the next round between the champion of the country – “Manchester city” and Ukrainian Andriy Yarmolenko – “West ham”.

A funny episode happened in one of the football matches in Sweden, which is one of the coaches did not seem funny.

Was blowing very strong wind, and flew various light items.

The coach first stopped the ball and then he had to deal with the whole gate.

I wonder what the linesman in this dangerous episode and “didn’t blink”.