The wine merchant in Bordeaux stole about a hundred boxes of rare wines. The damage amounted to about 500 thousand euros (PHOTOS)

У торговца вином в Бордо украли около ста ящиков редких вин. Ущерб составил около 500 тыс. евро (ФОТО)

Thieves have taken from his personal cellar izvestnogo dealer wines from Bordeaux rare wine, but a total amount of approximately 500 thousand euros, reports TASS with reference to the radio station France Bleu.

The attackers broke a window in the cellar under his house and made about a hundred boxes with the most valuable wines. According to the owner, in boxes kept not only of Bordeaux, like Chateau Petrus or Chateau Margaux but Burgundian varieties, including romanée-Conti. The age of the oldest bottle dates back several decades.

Investigators are trying to reconstruct what happened, however, to find witnesses, failed – including neighbors, who saw nothing.

The radio station reminds that the theft of wine – not unusual for France, which is one of the leading manufacturers of this drink.

In 2007, another seller of luxury Bordeaux wines lost 3 thousand bottles of vintage wines on a total amount of 600 thousand euros. In 2017, the burglars RAID on a private cellar in Paris ended with the loss of 300 bottles in the amount of 250 thousand euros. In 2019, the attackers came from an elite Parisian restaurant just 150 bottles, but the damage was estimated at 600 thousand euros.