The winner of “Svajena Malevich” made an unexpected confession about plastic surgery…

Победительница «Зважених та щасливих» сделала неожиданное признание о пластических операциях...

Held the third edition of the popular project, “she zvazheni schaslivi”, 9-th season, which started in late August on the STB. The results of the vote camp weight loss left the blue team member Inna Mazur. Last week she took off… 0 pounds. Inna came to the project with a weight of 100 kilograms. Four months after she left reality, she was able to throw 26.

Now her weight is 74 kg and Inna dreams even about breast lift! She told about it in the Studio talk show “Svasa!” (STB).

Победительница «Зважених та щасливих» сделала неожиданное признание о пластических операциях...Inna Mazur

There came the winner of the fourth season of Julia Naumenko. The girl has the experience of several plastic surgeries.

Победительница «Зважених та щасливих» сделала неожиданное признание о пластических операциях...Julia Naumenko

I always liked the beautiful small standing chest — admitted Julia. — I have never had it before. Therefore after weight loss and child birth I decided that I want and can afford it. I didn’t want to put implants, just to have “Boobs”. But I had a deformity because of the strong weight gain and subsequent weight loss, tightening wouldn’t help, so there was no other option. I had a chest fifth the size, and after losing weight she became the first. A simple pull would not make her beautiful, because his chest was almost nothing left.

In addition to breast Julia didn’t like her belly, she always wanted a beautiful ass.

Another project when I weighed 70 kg and asked: “Julia, where is your priest? You forgot her?” — Julia recalls. — Everyone has a different Constitution, different body. I tried to squat, but the skin did not give any lift, so inserted implants. Honestly, they’re not particularly felt.

Psychologist Anna Kushneruk believes that every woman has the right to change in your body what she wants. But it should be a conscious decision, not influenced by the relatives or friends who speak of how she must look.


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