The winner of the Bachelor 9 slip on an important date

Bachelor 9 Nikita Dobrynin and his girlfriend Daria Kvitkova got a taste of family life – the couple lives together, spends leisure time, goes to the gym and travel a lot. She admits that managed to see almost the whole of Europe. Not long ago, the lovers returned from Rome, and then Dasha went to Paris, and now decided with Nikita to escape from the cold in a warmer climate.

Победительница Холостяк 9 проговорилась о важной дате

On the page in Instagram darling ex-bachelor has admitted that the pair celebrating the anniversary of the ending of the most romantic reality show of the country. Since then, her life changed dramatically and she is now completely happy.

“Year of the final. Year I’m the happiest. A thousand times thank you. The day before yesterday decided that us in Kiev too cold and bought tickets to the heat. What do you think, where are we going?” intrigued subscribers Dasha.

She has published photos from the final project on which poses in sumptuous evening dress with loose stones. Girl hugging a mate, and he can’t put it down. By the way, Nikita and Dasha – the only pair that lasted this long together after the show and decided to live together.

Fans lovers began vying to congratulate Dasha and Nikita with significant date, and also tried to figure out where they are headed.

  • Class! How cool, congratulations, I can’t believe already a year has passed
  • Congratulations! Beautiful couple! Be happy!
  • You umnichki. The best
  • Congratulations. Since the beginning of the first esters “has zasvetila You” and You are done. At least one pair lasted a year. I wish You to live along with a huge family to a ripe old age
  • Yak, well I’m happy for you. VI molodci. Lubt one another always
  • Well done! Keep it up!