The winner of the Bachelor 9 the stylish white outfit revealed his rule of life

Daria Kvitkova became known after winning season 9 of the popular TV show the Bachelor, where she became a darling Nikita Dobrynin. From the final project of a couple in love does not leave, and often demonstrates his affection. However, they are quite open and often communicate with your fans online, especially Dasha. This time she decided to share with everyone an unusual theory of life.

Победительница Холостяк 9 в стильном белом наряде раскрыла свое правило жизни

Kvitkova published a very atmospheric shot where she poses against the sea, standing at the machine in stylish white dress — MIDI dress and jacket on top of it. Hair of the beloved Bachelor fluttering in the wind.

Dasha told the publication about the theory about the cups.

“A few days ago from a close person heard a really cool theory. What it is: each of us have our cups filled with activity, work, people, relationships and so on. These cups should be plenty. For what? And to the disappearance of One Hundred cups, you could fill the void the other ninety-nine cups, and the disappearance of one would not be so noticeable. p.s. committed to memory and put this rule in priority. You will always have yourself. Fill your glasses and live in a rush”, said Cvetkov.

Members thank the girl for the useful and interesting information, and I admire spectacular photos.

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