The winner of the Eurovision song contest-2019 presented a lyrical track

Dutch singer Duncan Lawrence, who won the Eurovision song contest-2019, for the first time after the contest presented a new song.

Победитель Евровидения-2019 презентовал лирический трек

The artist presented a lyrical track Love Don”t Hate It, which is the same lyric as Arcade, which brought him the victory at the Eurovision song contest.

Very happy to finally share with you the new music. No boundaries, no limits when it comes to love. It’s the cleanest that we have in the world, and so many people, including me, have to fight for it every day

commented singer was released.

People have to fight because of looks, beliefs, or orientation. Because of the condemnation of others. Love Don’t Hate It – a song about fighting for who you are and who you choose to love. It’s always only your choice. Song — my answer against hatred in the world that will always try to destroy what we want most — love

added the winner of the Eurovision song contest.