The winner of the US Open in 2018 renounces American citizenship

Победительница US Open-2018 отказывается от американского гражданства

Naomi Osaka

Two-time winner of the tournament series “Grand slam” (Open championship of the USA the 2018 Open championship of Australia-2019), winner of four WTA tournaments Naomi Osaka took the decision to renounce his U.S. citizenship, according to

Now the tennis player has dual citizenship: Japanese and American. However, according to the legislation of the Country of the rising sun, the Japanese, who have more than one nationality must choose one before execution 22 years.

Osaka October 16, just is 22 and the ex-first racket of the world is inclined to give up us citizenship to represent Japan at the home Olympic games in 2020. For this she needs to play for the national team in another match of the Federation Cup.

Note that Osaka was living and training in the United States at the age of three.