The witch will give you a wise clue about the situation that worries you according to the number you choose

All of us sometimes lack external encouragement or prompting. What is best to do in a given situation?

 The witch will give you a wise hint about the situation that worries you according to the number you chose

Is it better to wait or is now the best time to act? These questions haunt all of us from time to time. I suggest asking a wise old witch for a hint.

You have to think about a situation that bothers you or just make a wish

Then randomly pick one of the numbers.

  1. Everything will go as planned. Your requests and desires will be fulfilled
  2. Help will come suddenly. Thanks to this chance you will be able to implement your plan
  3. There will be many obstacles on your way. Only a strong will will help you overcome them. Be patient.
  4. Your fate is in your hands. Go ahead and follow your goal and it will come true.
  5. Don't crush yourself. Prioritize correctly, and then everything will fall into place like a puzzle.
  6. Slowly but surely you are moving towards your dream. Your intuition will tell you how to proceed.
  7. You should wait a while for the problem to be resolved. Now is not the best time. Rest and recharge your batteries.
  8. Everything will turn out as you do. Happiness will be on your side.
  9. Take your time. Act consistently and you will achieve your goal.
  10. Count on your strength. Help from outside can only do harm. Only under this condition will you be able to realize your dream.
  11. You will be very lucky. A surprise awaits you in a time and place that you cannot even imagine.
  12. You have to be very careful. You can overestimate your strengths and fail. Don't get recognized.

Hopefully these little hints will inspire you to take your fate into your own hands. First of all, support your mind and keep it fit. Hygiene of thought is essential here in order to properly focus on the chosen goal.

Act “here and now”, that is, focus as much as possible on each individual stage of the plan that you have created to achieve your goal. The above suggestions can be helpful inspiration.