The woman pretended to be dead to avoid the attack of the Buffalo in Yellowstone

In the network appeared the video showing how a woman pretended to be dead to avoid the attack of the Buffalo in the Yellowstone, writes the New York Post.

Женщина притворилась мертвой, чтобы избежать нападения бизона в Йеллоустоуне

Photo: Shutterstock

The woman captured a frightening video while running away from bison in Yellowstone national Park, proved that if all else fails, you can always follow the advice “pretend you’re dead.”

Friday, July 10 the accidental witness took video of two visitors to a vast Park, when one of the beasts began to chase the two of them. A man and a woman ran, a woman tripped and fell.

“Play dead! Play dead!”, shout to her the other tourists.

The woman remains still lying on the ground. The beast approaches it, stops momentarily and then goes away, apparently losing interest.

Chloe Musumeci, who recorded a terrible video, said that it all happened in the Wyoming part of the Park with an area of 3500 square miles (Park also covers neighboring Montana and Idaho).

“This woman is a local resident of Montana, so she knew that in this situation, you need to pretend to be dead,” said Musumeci, adding that she was able to do “without a scratch”.

She was lucky, because the bison — the largest mammal in North America. Males weigh up to 2,000 pounds (over 900 kg), according to the Department of internal Affairs.

Officials of Yellowstone encourage visitors to stay in the Park no less than 25 yards (around 23 metres) from wild animals, including bison, moose, bighorn sheep, deer, elk and coyotes, and not less than 100 yards (about 92 meters) from bears and wolves.