The worst predictions of Stephen Hawking: the end of mankind

Even after the death of the famous English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking got a lot more to tell us. In his book of essays “Short answers to big questions” (Brief Answers to the Big Questions) scientist mentions of the dangers that genetic engineering poses for human evolution.

Страшное предсказание Стивена Хокинга: что положит конец человечеству

“We are entering a new phase, the so-called “self-evolution”, when it becomes possible to modify and improve DNA writes Hawking. – We have mapped DNA, and this means that you have read the “book of life” and can now make adjustments”.

A scientist predicts that in the initial stages of development of these opportunities, technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 (new method for editing genomes of higher organisms based on the immune system of bacteria), will eliminate genetic defects. For more significant changes in human physiology (e.g., to increase intelligence) will need more time and effort. Scientist have predicted that in the XXI century the researchers can figure out how to change the intellect and instincts.

However, Hawking warns that such intervention can not unite the society, but rather to split it. He explains that in the future will probably have passed laws prohibiting genetic engineering techniques among the people. But still there are those who will not resist the temptation to improve such qualities as memory, resistance to disease and life expectancy.

People who pass through such genetic modification, the result will begin to confront the “natural” people, suggests Hawking. The outcome of this confrontation will determine in whose hands will pass the power of the planet.

In his book, the scientist said that once the world will be “supermen” over “normal” humanity will hang a serious threat of extinction. Instead of “natural” people can appear a race of beings, self-improving yourself.

Although the prognosis is universally recognized genius may seem exaggerated, however, researchers are already concerned about the ethical side of technology CRISPR-Cas9. Many scientists agree with Hawking, sharing his opinion about what genetic modification might lead to “designer” children.