The youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and demi Moore told how nearly died from an overdose

Tallulah Willis talked about the most terrible period of his life. 25-year-old daughter of Bruce and demi said that once nearly died after he mixed painkillers and illegal substances.

Младшая дочь Брюса Уиллиса и Деми Мур рассказала, как едва не умерла от передозировки

The youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and demi Moore came on the show, Red Table Talk, which leads jada Pinkett Smith, wife of will Smith. Tallulah talked to Jada about the mistakes of youth and said that in 18 years couldn’t Wake up after an overdose.

According to Tallula, problems with alcohol began in her 14 years. Already at 17 she was arrested in the street drunk, and later to drink and added more drugs. The peak of the disaster was in 2012, when demi was hospitalized after an overdose, Moore was going through a divorce with Ashton Kutcher and he also did not hesitate to use banned substances.

One of the most wonderful evenings Tallulah mixed painkillers and drugs and passed out. In the morning in her room came sister Scout, who wanted to announce the good news — the young wife of Bruce Willis learned about her pregnancy. However, to Wake the Tallow failed. Then Scout began to beat his sister on the cheek, and only so managed to revive her. The youngest daughter of Moore and Willis was urgently hospitalized.

The girl was treated at a rehab clinic and clean with 2014.

According to Talluri and Rumer, bad example since childhood, they filed a mother. Demi, who began to drink and take illegal substances since I was 17, I calmed down only in marriage with Bruce Willis. They divorced, and demi got married again, her new lover was Ashton Kutcher. Moore started drinking when she lost the baby from Ashton on sixth month of pregnancy, and after the divorce with him again began to use drugs.

“Mother made our life hell. It was a very difficult time. She changed manner of speech, running eyes, she became more violent and aggressive,” said Tallulah.