The youngest victim in the state of: Florida from COVID-19, died 9-the summer girl

In Florida from coronavirus infection has died 9-the summer girl became the youngest victim of the pandemic in the state, writes the New York Post.

Самая юная жертва в штате: во Флориде от COVID-19 умерла 9-летняя девочка

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The Kimora “Kimmie” Linum died in his sleep at his home in Gainesville on the night of July 17, said the relatives.

“She was a happy child, but she even failed to live his life,” said a cousin of Dean Kane.

Family members said the girl had no health problems when she got sick COVID-19.

“It felt good, but at some point, she suddenly had a fever,’ said Kane.

The girl’s mother took her to the hospital, but, according to relatives, the child was sent home. After some time the girl fell ill and died from cardiac arrest.

According to local media, health officials confirmed the death of the child, and records showed that her infection was not associated with travel. The state government did not report whether any other health problems.

The family said that doesn’t know how Kimmy got infected COVID-19, stating that she stayed at home all summer and never talked with anyone who had a confirmed virus.

She was the only child of his mother. According to Kane, the girl’s father shot and killed in April.

“It’s like a double whammy,’ said Kane. — We buried him and now going to bury her. She was an incredible child.”

Kimmy was the fifth of a minor who died from COVID-19 in Florida, where at least 5854 people died from the virus.

As of Monday morning, July 27, according to the Johns Hopkins University, in Florida it was no less than 423 855 cases of coronavirus infection.



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