Theft delivered the order came to the surveillance camera (PHOTO)

Кража доставленного заказа попала на камеру наблюдения  (ФОТО)

The police warns that in anticipation of the holiday season, exacerbated the problem of theft of packages.

This week in the moment when a resident of Toronto, Jennifer Thibault was at home in the area of Jane Street and Highway 400, she got a notification that the front door has some movement.

“I went to the phone to look, and saw somebody picks up a box with the delivered goods off my porch, she said. – I ran outside but nobody was.”

“And in less than a minute”.

Dom Thibault is equipped with a surveillance camera with motion sensor that captured the incident and sent it to her phone.

In the video posted on social networks, the suspect runs up the driveway and grabs a box that was put next to the pumpkin on the porch Thibault. Then the suspect leaving with stolen.

“I was very upset that someone had the nerve to come into my area and steal something that did not belong to them. It was very frustrating,” said Thibault.

Toronto police said that there comes a season when, as they know by experience, reports of theft from the porch will be a lot.

“Halloween is over and the next holiday we look forward to Christmas. This time of year, many will shop online and arrange delivery to the house, ‘ said the constable of the Toronto police David Hopkinson. We would like to warn citizens to be vigilant in respect of delivered goods. Negotiate with the expectation that you will be home. Otherwise, arrange for the delivery received a neighbor or let them deliver the necessary goods, you to work.”

Hopkinson also said that it is important to report the theft of a porch, so the police can return the goods if they find him.

“One of the reasons that many of these thefts happen, is that people don’t report it to the police. I think that sometimes these thieves feel that they can easily get away with it”.

Earlier the police of Toronto have already told CTV News how to avoid becoming a victim of “patio piracy”.

Thibault promised that now she will ask the courier company not to leave deliver the goods to her doorstep. Before she could not think what might happen.