“There are always challenges”: Medvedev has publicly embarrass

«Проблем всегда хватает»: Медведев публично оконфузился

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev after a woman fell to his feet and asked for help, he went to the people in plain text said that “there are always challenges”.

The relevant incident occurred in the Siberian village of Sannikovo (Russia), which Medvedev has visited with a working visit. The officer in the leg and rushed to a local resident, complained about the omission of the regional authorities, writes the Telegram-channel “You’re listening to “the lighthouse”. A local woman in tears said that in her house for three years no hot water.

“I am tired of walking on all instances! I the invalid of the second group, addressed to all authorities. We have three years of no hot water. Gas boiler here we have our own in 2003. Three five-story building, 140 apartments were left without hot water in 2016,” — said a resident of the village Medvedev. He promised that he will understand the problem. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. You heard, don’t worry. This, of course, an outrage, we need to understand,” — said Medvedev.

However, later he again came to the residents of Sannikovo and said that there are always challenges. “There are always challenges…And yet, the development will be”, — said Medvedev.