There are both advantages and disadvantages: how it works online medicine in USA

Pandemic coronavirus has become a real challenge for the American health care system. Thousands of hospitals have an acute shortage of equipment and protective gear. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

Есть как преимущества, так и недостатки: как работает онлайн-медицина в США

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Non-urgent operations are cancelled, Americans are calling first, call your doctor before you go to the hospital.

At the same time expanding the range of services provided online — this has both advantages and disadvantages.

With the spread COVID-19 telemedicine began to play a vital role in the health care industry, because of the thousands of hospitals around the world are calling patients to refuse optional visits.

“Patients need to limit the number of visits to the hospital, a time when they are in the queue waiting for admission, particularly during a pandemic. Online consultations will help to prevent the rapid spread of the virus,” — said the Director of the hospital in Shanghai, Zhou Jian.

But online visits have disadvantages — remotely difficult to make a correct diagnosis, besides, not all people are able to use online applications. But the last problem help to solve a number of new services in telemedicine.

For example, the American company virtual health “Teladoc”. They say that over the last few weeks of their services began to use 50% more people. Become more popular and their competitors such as “Nakusp”.

Both services help people to easily schedule a consultation, modify appointments, add information on insurance and contact a few specialists for a short period of time.

“We are trying to simplify user communication with the doctor, and also to allow hospitals to obtain feedback of patients about the effectiveness of this system,” — said the Director of “DOKAS” punit Maheshwari.

One of the challenges of remote inspections — how to do the tests. But many companies in the US are made special sets which tests can be done independently, without leaving home.

For example, a startup from Texas “has Everlived” offers more than 30 sets La various laboratory tests, including determination of hormone levels, allergies to foods, cholesterol in the blood, HIV tests, tests of reproductive health and stress level.

“The pandemic has become a driving force for us to introduce all of these new methods, which, in my opinion, will become the norm,” says Maheshwari.

The lack of Internet coverage in some regions, difficulties with insurance and other problems of telemedicine remain, however, in a pandemic it could save many lives.



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