‘There are limits’: the Seattle police cleared the ‘Autonomous zone’ by the protesters

The Seattle police regained control of the building of the police station and arrested several protesters on the orders of mayor Jenny Durkan. Police chief Carmen best said “there are limits” after the deadly attacks in the area, writes Fox News.

'Всему есть предел': полиция Сиэтла очистила 'автономную зону' от протестующих

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The Seattle police regained control of the building East of the police station after clearing the area of protest, known as the organized protest on Capitol hill (CHOP) and produced more than a dozen arrests after mayor Jenny Durkan declared the protest an illegal Assembly after two deadly shootings.

The police issued an order to disperse at about 5 a.m. local time on Wednesday, July 1, according to him, the protesters had to leave within 8 minutes. According to police, at least 31 protestors were arrested for refusing to disperse, resisting arrest and attempts to show violence. One of the men was arrested because he had a big metal pipe and a kitchen knife.

Eastern police station, which the police left last month after clashes with the demonstrators, was cleared of the protesters, told reporters the police chief Carmen best. Best said that the police had not yet entered the building.

“Our job is to support peaceful demonstrations, but what happened on these streets over the past few weeks, is iniquity, it’s cruel and simply unacceptable,” said the best reporters.

City workers dismantled the wooden and concrete barriers, while police remained on the scene. Best said that the police and other city organizations will clean the area and the district as soon as possible.

The police also conducted an investigation concerning several vehicles driving around the area looking after employees saw them as people with guns in their hands. The cars had no visible license plates, police said.

Police said that when officers of the special forces carried out clearing the streets of protesters, one woman went into labor. Local firefighters responded to the events and additional medical care isn’t needed.

Durkan the order was issued after a series of nightly shootings in the area, which killed two teenagers and seriously injured another three. Police said that nearby was was and other violent crimes, as protesters seized several neighborhoods in the area Capitol hill last month.

“The officers that support the present order, are gear a deeper level of protection, said police. — The police uses the equipment, because people associated with CHOP, as you know, armed and dangerous, can be connected to the shootings, murders, robberies, assaults and other violent crimes.”

Best said that while she supports peaceful demonstrations “has a limit”.

“CHOP has become wicked and cruel, said best. — In the area of a few blocks, there were four shootings — two fatal cases — robberies, assaults, violence and countless crimes against property”.

Best said that the task of the police is to protect and to serve the society, adding that the elimination of the USSR mean the end of interaction of the Department with the protesters.

“We must continue our efforts to build confidence and redefining their role as guardians in our city,” said best.

Protesters occupied several blocks around the Park and the Eastern section of the Seattle police Department about two weeks. The police left the building after clashes with protesters, who demanded racial justice and stop the brutal treatment by the police after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in may during the detention.

The protesters said that they should not be blamed for the violence in the area.

Critics, including President trump, were increasingly called on to remove protesters from the area CHOP after the deadly shootings.

Cleaning the site the next day after the brigade of the Department of transportation Seattle used heavy equipment to remove concrete barriers, indicating the entrance to the area of protest.



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