“There are no reserves for victory in Russia, for warfare there is no”, — Mark Feygin

Olga BESPERSTOVA, “FACTS” Putin's wicked regime, a kind of war against Ukraine, sayings. Ce is already an axiom. There is no doubt that the fact that our country is in the  essence of  Ale, I’ll pay the price for those who reveal the light in the light of the new, nobody knows. Vaughn is  so foreign, but skіlki sche chekaє… What appears in the honed Kremlin Fuhrer? Will there be people's riots in Russia? Who can become the dictator's successor? On & nbsp; q & nbsp; that іnshi nutrition «FACTIV» prominent Russian oppositionist, lawyer and journalist Mark Feigin.

— Mark, we are absolutely inspired by our remozі. Early in the  pіzno vtsіlіlі rіаnі zаnbsp;shаnbіpі dіtіzаnbsp;оur land. Some experts seem to think that it will scho on Noviy rіk, not long ago I felt the arguments were already reconciled, that they zhah trivatime yak at least three rіk. When the de war ends, what will you look at?

— Zagal forecast — rіch nevdyachna. What is the cost of trivality of war, there is no need to lie down in the presence of rich factors, repairing the oncological disease of the road and finishing the supply of a good health to you. If you allow changes and permanent warehouses in the  th scheme, then everything that deposits in Moscow (when the route is on or the Russian wars are coming) may not be long. That's why there is a potential for getting Kiev, drawing. So, you can transfer everything to operational pause and to stand still, so itself like the greatest fates crystal     Donbass. Moscow can take a position, take a resource for whom to reach. Such a camp is right, if everything goes not into a hot phase, but, let’s say, a little hot phase, if there is no counteroffensive from one side and   >

Yakscho zh Kiev himself vyrіshit finish everything, so that you can stop it, and it will be enough to launch a counterattack and line 24 of the fierce, turning Kherson, Melitopol, Mariupol, so I will also re-translate the situation into the same way, as if it were the last of the great fates, but with one important detail —  Russia's processes will begin, as if they can speed up everything.

I want to tell you in a stern way that the war will end not only with the victory of the Kremlin; /p> « Russia has no reserves for help, &mdash for warfare», &mdash ; Mark Feygin21 fierce 2022 rock. “Historical” meeting of the Russian Federation Council on the recognition of the so-called “LPR” and “DPR”, which became the prologue of a large-scale invasion of Ukraine

&mdash ; On one side, «an army friend of world» it seems that she is demoralized,  she has no more power and resources.

— The drawing is obvious. If yoga didn’t happen, then what did the Viysk see in Kiev, Chernihiv, Sumy? Why do the stench collapse actively less on & nbsp; one straight & nbsp; & mdash; in districts of Severodonetsk and adjacent to new settlements? And in in intheir places everything seems to be a bug, inspire a straight line, like a cicava for Moscow. Through the marriage of their resources.

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What resources exactly є at Moscow? Nasampered human resource. In 140-million krajnі you can know, nashkryabati, zmusiti go to front 10−20−50 thousand people to recruit without outrageous mobilization. Can can you transfer the reserve of the Russian special warehouse to the Ukrainian one? Singing, so, because Ukraine is not a small power. It is impossible to say that it is impossible to put two hundred thousand mobilizations under the towel in the 40-million country. Ale їх needs to be reviewed. Moreover, with an effective shot, and not trilinear Mosin chi AKM assault rifles.

In the & nbsp; vіjnі all fall in vіd the presence of technology. Russia has a complex of the military-industrial complex, which, on the vіdminu vіd ukraїnskogo, nothing bomb and not strike. You can vibrate shells, artillery and other things without interruption. But at the same time, it seems that there are problems due to the presence of foreign components. Terms of preparation and food. For example, the production of tanks — the process is not  switchy. Prote yakіs vydatkovі speechі for vednya vіyni u & nbsp; rosії, zvichayno, є. Ukraine cannot match with it for similar parameters. Ale є retail is important — Zahid helps you, even with problems, but from Moscow doesn help nothing. Who are Russia's allies? There neї їx none.

So the situation seems to be changing due to the supply of your European allies in that American lend-lease, which is not a problem. Without a doubt, you will be able to compare the potentials. If Ukraine takes away, for example, RSZV MRLS, if Zahid will give some tips, that in such quantities, as to allow the situation of sight, if you will be out of trouble.

However, so far the nbsp;nbsp;of Russian, and s of Ukrainian side we didn sufficient remain to turn the tide of war. To this I can say one thing: for the maintenance of parity between the parties, it is possible, while for the help of Russia there are no reserves, for the maintenance of the war it is.

— Combat operations will require colossal cats. Journalist Arkady Babchenko recently wrote: “There can't be a situation if Putin doesn't have a penny for a war.” Is really?

— Why why Babchenko's attitude? У тому, що росія, на яку чиниться жахливий тиск (санкції, економічна ізоляція, геополітична сегрегація, що триває), переводить економіку на мілітаристські розподільні рейки, тобто перетворює її на мобілізаційну. You don't lose your way out. Negotiate otherwise, compromise that test of access.

If you call it    penny for war», then  the stink of putina є. Vіn, like the Fuhrer, is ready to bring disaster and sacrifice to the Russian economy, the social sphere, the life-saving world, in the  life of the Russian people, ready to transform Russia into Pivnіchnu Korea. Just t be specific to Korea.

There is no one to support Putin, more Russia — ce despotism and tyranny. Skіlki u this mode can wake up the country and її population — mystery. Without bothering to say that people's patience is unlimited. And the axis for the way, the resource of stained glass of Russia is not maє between. Do you think about the price? How to know the resulting mix of two resources — Putin's and folk — justify text.

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— When you want In the  numerous propaganda reports from the streets of Moscow, other great places and  navit glybinki, people seem to be ready to recognize misunderstandings in im'I’m a great dream. What may be a “senseless and ruthless Russian rebellion”?

— Here you need to revise the nuances. Bewildered and nbsp; it is possible to act like a riot. Talk about a revolution (even if it’s a riot, only political organizations) don’t be brought up, because so far no one organize — there are no cementing forces and ideas that could bring together people. Won in why don express. What's up? Did the war stumble on Ukraine? There are no such ideas. It won’t be blatant, don’t embarrass the people of rizikuvati, as if they’ll happen to a rebellion. Prote social riots are possible. І stinks can be called by the piece viklikanі. As a critical mass in a well-honed path, if you want to change the situation, you can stimulate such rebellions.

But the stench definitely won't be able to start a war in Ukraine. What spontaneous motive (that Ukrainians can live independently) is not enough. A the axis of the loss of life as a result of the war, the death of a significant number of Russians (and even the ultimate demographic blow to the population) — the axis here is mi & nbsp; But for whom there can be an obvious incentive.

If everything is brought to the boundary, the Russians can start to rebel. Економічні заходи, що вживаються Заходом (газове та нафтове ембарго, ізоляція фінансових інститутів, відключення від SWIFT підсанкційних банків, відхід великих компаній з росії), безробіття, затримка пенсій та інше можуть скластися в єдине ціле та стати підставою для protests. It is not possible to turn off those who tse may be supported by the government in order to stir up a palace coup. It’s not  forgettable that Putin will turn 70 years on 7 days. Guess what he had cancer. If you die quickly (let's rely on  tse, right?), you can definitely call for similar processes.

— Who can be a successor to the throne?

— Here on the right, click on for personalities. Why do you call your young daughter Katerina Tikhonova, who you trust. Possibly, in the next hour we we will be able to її movement — I appear in order in what similar.

“Whoever names the young daughter of Putin, Katerina Tikhonova, as a kind of successor to the throne, who trusts her. Possibly, in the next hour, we’ll її pіdnesennia – I’ll appear in the order, or in what I like, ”- seems to be Mark Feygin

 traditional mobilization group — Patrushev and special services. Є like an army center. It is weaker, because there is no political representation there (so don't take Shoigu to & nbsp; respect). Stink can also be pretending.

Insanely, formal person — tse mishustin. Depending on the constitution, at justify time of the day, the head of the president's speeches'will be held for three months in a row, then we will hold elections.

And Putin's agents in a splash. For example, a close friend of the oligarch Kovalchuk, which is a kind of love for the young daughter of an attacker.

Tobto group enough. Naygolovnіshі — in special services, often in army and in orders. Їhnya fight among yourself — it is not less the fight for the decline of the path. For example, at the same time, the stench of the & # 39; s & # 39; Blame needs to be laid on someone. Today, the won is laid on the viyskys, therefore change the key in the special operation.

Mi w not much of the active role of the head of the General Staff Gerasimov. Vіn v opalі. And the special services put the blame on themselves: «Tse army. The army fighting, not we». Tobto, really, go for those who don't become extreme. What, before speech, is more important in apparatus games.

Let's go and for resources coming soon. Judge for yourself. The stench is under the sanctions. At all arrests and frozen assets (active — Aut.) on Zhodі. The food base is already fenced, so they fight for pennies, for planting, for positions. And for splashing on Putin itself, I understand.

Show tsієї fight raznі. The Axis immediately voiced the reform of the FSB and the MVS. Ale we don't know what will be in result. Director of the FSB, General Bortnikov, for & nbsp; 70. It seems that you survived cancer, but we’ll have a future of rejoicing in the distance. Also, in their structures, there is a struggle for those who have a loan in the office. Shake the FSB collegium constantly. Ahead of the war, they tidied up the first defender of Bortnikov, the arch of the 72-year-old General Smirnov.

Proceed to go, ale, wisely, non-publicly. Some kind of peripheral speech breaks through. For example, the statement was published on the 31st of the day by a large colleague of the General Staff of Russia (on the international side) Colonel-General Ivashov in the name of the Russian officer camps. It’s good to know someone smart enough that you didn’t have an independent initiative, that, perhaps, you’ve killed your colleagues from the General Staff, you’ve figured out that the “special operation” fail. Wonder how many Russian generals perished in an hour. What did you plump on the war of Ukraine to just lie there?

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Є & nbsp; zovsіm amіkoshonsі try thаt mаdvedeva. Guess, how did you try to pretend to be a peaceful liberal, if from 2008 to 2012 you engulfed the President's quarters. A now the most radical obscurantist. It's true, these perturbations have been around for a long time.

Wonder how kadirs behave when criticizing now piskov, then negotiator  Kiev of Medina. T can you vvazhat such a fight? Partially, well.

So the struggle is three. Poki sh won without virazno ї meti. Yakby nobility, that Putin will die exactly through the fate, you can evaluate who will fight the most active susilla. Alem something is unknown. If only ten or fifteen years have lived, then only one option. Yakshcho vіn ailments and on the new one checks like operations, — іnshіy. It's also hard to judge.

& mdash; “hawks” against the “doves”. Нещодавно перший заступник адміністрації путіна кирієнко заявив, що «включення Херсонської області до складу росії буде повноцінним за аналогією зі входженням Криму», а прессекретар путіна пєсков пояснив, що Херсонська та частина Запорізької області входять до переговорного треку . Tobto felt mutually mutually equal in rank of persons. “There is no agreement among comrades”? Kirienko was even more active during the rest of the hour.

— Putin is giving him all the delicate political food. Kirienko, having taken up the presidential elections in 2018, until th — referendum to continue the renewal of Putin. It is traditionally used to design such references.

I realized that no one voted for the arrival to Russia in Kherson, and deinde. Ale needed to do everything in such a way that you could say: “Ni, a hundred thousand voted.” The axis is the same and hand over the Kirienka. The yogo robot — portray for the public as a people's will. Ce zavdannya in virishuvateme, vicarious media, special services, political institutions, analytical centers and research scientists-collaborators.

Kyrіenko z youth povi s experienced with a people not alien to the system (before the first secretary of the Gorky Regional Komsomol Committee). Vіn cherishes high loyalty to the regime, vouches for the trust of Putin. Singingly, vіn zmіtsniv tsyu & nbsp; let the rest of the hour. How many wines do you have in your systems? In my thought, you can become an attacker.

“Putin is handing over all the delicate political food to the Kirien woman,” Mark Feygin explained

— Who really wants a special operation?

— Putin.

— Which Which Warlord?

—     we was hospitalized, who is a real stoner. At the same time, the stench of  unconfirmed evidence commemorated Dvirnikov in liquid, but not to say anything. Only means what these elements that replace. Today alone, tomorrow another. There is no one, like & nbsp; inject the letter «genial commander» Zhukov. Navіscho tse putіnu? Vіn їх rotuvatime and tasuvatime in tіy need, like viklikana political environments. Because nobody, damn it, can be a “marshal of victory”.

A non-intermediate kerіvnitstvo is engaged as a group of generals from the General Staff, as if they were in the zone of combat operations, I admit. Ale, madly, all for the sake of her to spend Putin. I don’t think that the building’s fault was to carry out the operation without any intermediary. "Advance here, step forward there, pull the technique here, and not there» — wait a minute, ce slightly moving. Ale big thoughts about those that before such terms and dates may be buried, I guess, I take wine on you.

— Putin needs to love dates. 12 black — russian day. Sing along, lord the goddamn bastard to us.

— Listen, the Kremlin has already conquered its own, as little as possible. It's hard to judge me, what wine is worthy of. Can may rule a terrorist attack in Kyiv? Well. Prote 12 black for Putin is not so sacred date.

Catering in Inshomu — what may rob the Kremlin, sob zmusiti Kiev system for negotiation style. Meni zdaєtsya, vin can be wider. Don't  obov'look loudly in Ukraine. Without turning on the bi something of the Europeans, so that Zi zhorstkishe longed for Zelensky to have a talk and stop the counteroffensive against the enemy. And Ukraine is fighting like that. Even though it didn’t bulo — i Bucha, i Mariupol, and dalі after the list.

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— Putin's actions have achieved a positive effect — NATO is expanding, Zahid is growing, in Ukraine it is not known today. What to explain the Russians, what the stench of a civilized world for a rich generation, what six children and onuks are doomed to live in strong and isolation? Kolis Babchenko, having said in  interv'th «FACTS»: «What do you want from them? The stench doesn't mayut causal-hereditary sounds'speak».

—  Propaganda in the hour that Putin is staying under power has reached its — people have the problem of rational adoption of action. The stench is worthy of all the steps of NATO, that winning not Putin, but NATO, as if they wanted to attack, and win win defeat the country. There is no sense to discuss all the arguments. Prote won't work.

With this, as a part of the population, it suffered already at the same time. According to various estimates, up to ten hundreds of Russians went beyond the cordon. The stench will understand that they have wasted their ability in the aftermath of the war. За кордоном тепер не приймають їх картки Mastercard та Visa, немає роботи в «Макдональдсі», не можна придбати іноземний автомобіль і немає сервісного обслуговування імпортної машини, не купити девайси у мережі App Store або фірмових магазинах Apple. For everything trapilos with them. The stench is wasting its freedom and rights.

What robitimute the stench? Axis іz cim great sumnіvi. We turn to food about rebellion. Vіn is guilty of blaming the hungry, but not the quiet, who has spent his satіst. To that there is more hope for these rezombings. Your life can turn into inferno already enough, so that the stench will try to fix the situation. And again, I’ll repeat, we don’t stench, to help Ukraine commit war, but to protect itself.

«There are no reserves for Russia to win, and», — Mark Feigin“Propaganda in an hour, while Putin is staying in power, has reached its goal – the people have a problem with rational adoption of action,” says Mark Feygin

— How think w people after the death of the way will also sing: «We w didn't know what we were doing, we were deceived», how tse bulo, if the cult of steel was broken? >

— And who know? Mabut, yakys process rozpochnetsya. Ale, with whom, it’s just like that, like i after Stalin, Putin’s prihilniks and tse worship of trivatime from generation to generation. Need a change on such a scale that the  cult will need vinyl.


— I respect that so. To that, on the vіdmіnu vіd radyanskih rіkіv, if the SRSR started to pay back for land-lease in the period of the Other Holy War, and potim pulling from cim, usіsp rosіyskiy avuarii However, for the time being, Zahid does not care about confiscation and requisitions of various families. Ale meal time. It's too early to get to know. Tsіn_ paperi, yakim rosіyany volodіyut beyond between the borders, power of oligarchs — це все має піти з молотка для сплати обов'язкових репарацій, які підуть і на відновлення інфраструктури України, і на компенсації сім'ям убитих, пораненим, біженцям та на оплату всіх постачань західних reset. For different scores from Russians on Going to second — two trillion dollars. Axis was frozen by 350 billion rubles to the Central Bank at valuable papers. Why b їx not viluchit? Logic?

— Why did the culture, which Russians write like that, sway such nonhumans? I know that you contagiously, t th th th tho having plundered driving people from Bucha, did read Pushkin Dostoyevsky.

— Mi maєmo on the right painful faceless mass. Do people have absolutely no rights in their own country, do you understand? There is nothing worse for  slavish psychology, if a person is ready to do something like that, how to slacken for her, for more  more stale people like her. Price became in Ukraine. Arriving there, the stench became rotten. I wanted to change my life like a prince.

  Russia has no reserves, for the end of the war є», — Mark Feigin“The war will end not only with the military defeat of the Kremlin, but then and there, let it be in Russia”, – such a forecast was given by Mark Feigin

— Great friend of Ukraine, Russian journalist Viktoria Ivleva said that mi can't show the stupidity of these people.

— The stink is really really dreary, because live in absolutely old archaic world, the de ієєєєrarchy is already severely appointed. Who is the head of the glibintsy, it is good to know everything. Be-yaky dіlnichny may have more power over them, be it. To that, having raptomly realized the freedom of violence, the stench was immediately far away. The stinks were pleased with their wickedness, they drove people in to take away their speeches. You don't do before vitrate you don dry, you before better to widdom_righteousness.

Often it seems: in  slavery, I myself will not become the ruler. T not so. Slavery that without rights'I roar and quiet, who is free of people, and foreign. The axle is so chained.

So, many people were swindled at Pushkin's school of reading. Only slightly helped. I'm battling the problem with whom Russian culture has for a long time established religion. Ce metaphysical nutrition. Perhaps, among these people, marriage of the Christian cob, de   taboo on the driving of such & nbsp; other evil things. Those who see each other, guess tribal camaraderie. We drive in the representatives of the other tribe less than the one who stinks the other. Nі for for some other sign. Those who missed                    «Our tribe'I zavzhd right» — tse w wild pagan statements about the world.

— Such a fierce hatred of Ukrainians…< /p>

— Sure. At the same time, the stench of you didn't stick. Navischo ti arriving to іnshої country? What do you want? What did the Ukrainians kill you? De ti studying with them? Why don't you check, why there they check you, what can can install here, who can be de-Natzified? Don't do put yourself in such a position.

— A classmate recently wrote to me that «Russia is zmushena pratsyuvati asenizator» .

— Ta ve what? Shvidshe still not in the role of an asenіzator, but in the role of a line.

The axis of the stench seems to be: “Mi  you will be spared the Nazis.” Good, but if the country wants to live with the Nazis (I’m speaking indifferently at once), what did they give? Why did you fail to take upon yourself the mission of helping someone? Who are you? Did Ukraine ask you about the price? Are you asked about the price? Check the axis. If the Chinese come to beat the Russians, everyone will encourage popcorn and keep warm: “So it's” and “required.” The axis yak sounds to turn. You just need to know the history.

— Mi z we were smoothed of the last fate. You got ahead of what great war — to the right of the hour, and & nbsp; until & nbsp; it is necessary to prepare the ground. What me s s s says?

& mdash; I think that at the same time we passed the peak of hell itself. It has already become those who sto so lied Putin and what we justified.

It's alright for the greater s of what has become. For many reasons. That we was chided, that the ability of Russia to wage war already on the borders. Dzhe maloymovirno vіrvatsya again to Kiev and Buchi. The purpose of bringing only to greater and sweeter than the process of deboning Russia. Tom & nbsp; so, INSHII Process I & NBSP; Z & Nbsp; Coast, that & nbsp; th & nbsp; Ukrainian, you can do it in an alert. How to destroy            Kiev           A what spend? Would you like to repeat Irpin that Borodyanka more times?

From now on, in my opinion, our dialogue will be richly optimistic. It is possible (navit more for everything), we still discuss the war — chi so, what go go. Ale, I guess, for rіk tse there will definitely be the last dialogue about war.

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