“There are some who protect their ass,” says Denis Coderre

“There are some who protect their ass», says Denis Coderre


Former Secretary of State for Amateur Sport Denis Coderre believes Hockey Canada executives, including President and CEO Scott Smith, are trying to protect their backs by trying to delay their inevitable departure. 

In an interview with LCN on Friday, the former mayor of Montreal and former minister mentioned that we should not necessarily expect to see Smith and his colleagues leave their seats anytime soon. This is at least their intentions despite a meeting with representatives of provincial federations on Thursday, during which they expressed the need to focus on new leadership within the national organization.

“There are still western provinces that protect Hockey Canada, (…) but I think that British Columbia will follow suit in Quebec and Ontario. And what we heard is that there was supposed to be an election on November 14, but that it was postponed to December and maybe later. Instead, they will only make a report or a general meeting,” he told host Mario Dumont.

“Some people protect their ass,” he said. -he chained it bluntly.

Cut the real source of funding

During the interview, Coderre elaborated further, relying on a “reliable source” he did not identify, about Hockey Canada funding. This week, many sponsors such as Canadian Tire, TELUS, Tim Hortons and Scotiabank, among others, ended their partnership with the federation, temporarily or permanently. However, if the detractors of this one want the tap of dollars to close completely, it will take a lot more.

“Sponsors and partners represent 43% of the $143 million budget. The $3 per registration (which in the province, Hockey Quebec has decided to no longer give to Hockey Canada), is 2% of the total. And insurance premiums are around 13%. Then, we realized that 40% of the expenses come from the administration. (…) The question I asked is that there is someone broadcasting the events and that is a main source of income. To name them, RDS and TSN, so Bell, they are the ones who ensure the presentation of the World Junior Championship,” he explained.

Coderre also disclosed several figures and data relating to Smith; these have not been released or confirmed by Hockey Canada.

“Not only does Hockey Canada receive TV rights, but according to the search of Scott Smith's contract that we did, it says that he earns over $1 million a year and is worth over $10 million. (…) According to his contract, he would receive a percentage of sponsorships and television rights,” he said, adding that if Smith leaves the organization, he will receive a check for $5 million.


Even after presenting this information, Coderre wants the agreement with the CEO to be made public.

“Since we grant federal subsidies and the National League is an important partner, show us the contract. Then, on August 5, Michael Brind'Amour resigned as chairman of the board because he disagreed. Can you tell me why he was made to sign Scott Smith's contract at the end of July if he was opposed?, he wondered. Did we make him resign?”