There is actually acne because of the food?

Different products is attributed to the ability to provoke inflammation of the skin and cause acne. But is it really? The answer to the question voiced at the Congress of the European Academy of dermatology and venereology in Madrid.

Возникают ли на самом деле прыщи из-за питания?

The Congress was presented to the new study in which scientists analyzed data on 6,700. In result they made several conclusions about the relationship between diet and occurrence of acne. One of them reads as follows: dairy and sugary foods really can increase the risk of progression of acne.

“We have not established a direct connection between the consumption of sweets and dairy products with the cause of acne, but made sure that their impact on the progression of acne are significant,” stated the authors.

Scientists believe that an unwanted reaction of the skin may provoke proteins from dairy products, which affect the activity of genes that determine skin condition. The consequence of this influence becomes strengthened work of sebaceous glands, leading to increased inflammation and pimples.

In turn, speakers at the Congress Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Fran E. cook-Bolden, noted that milk products can badly affect the skin due to the contained sugar – lactose.

“Explanation of why dairy products are associated with acne, I want to start with the quote “sugar is poison”. Dairy products contain lactose, a form of sugar. Sugar stimulates inflammation, which can cause not only acne, but many other acute,” said Dr. cook-Bolden.

In addition, the study showed, the causes of acne and other inflammatory skin phenomena, often become a stress, air pollution, and even seasonal weather changes.