“There is never a missed call that deserves a broken tooth!” – Mario Cecchini

“There is never a missed "call" that deserves a broken tooth!” - Mario Cecchini


MONTREAL – Alouettes President Mario Cecchini was “shocked” by the assault on a referee during a college game this weekend. 

“It makes no sense what happened,” he said during a telephone interview.

“It's fair game to say that the referee 'didn't help us' or to criticize a decision. It's part of the sport. However, it is unacceptable to physically and verbally attack a referee. I was deeply shocked by the thing.”

Last Saturday, in Saint-Hyacinthe, the confrontation between the Laureates and the Noir et Or de Valleyfield was canceled at halftime, after a parent had struck a referee several blows. The family man didn't like a decision to deprive either team of a touchdown and let it be known in the worst possible way.

“There is never a” call” missed that deserves a broken tooth!”, claimed Cecchini.

Visibly moved by the attack, the president discussed the subject with his team. The Alouettes have therefore decided to take a moment to honor the referees during Sunday's playoff game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Enjoy their grandstand

This is part of one of the missions that Cecchini had given himself when he arrived in post with the “Als”. The professional organization must assume a certain leadership over all of football in Quebec.

“We are playing an important match and there will be a lot of people present. We are therefore fortunate to take the time to highlight their dedication to our sport. I really want the spectators present to stand up and applaud our officials.”

“These are people who have daily jobs and nobody makes a fortune with that in the Canadian Football League. Imagine in minor football.”

“Their work is difficult, added Cecchini. In our case, there are about 20,000 pairs of eyes watching them and automatically going against them when they make a decision in favor of the other team. It can be intimidating and it is not easy. It is important to recognize their work, because there is no match if there are no referees.