“There is nothing to compare” – the champion of Russia complained about life in the home country (video)

«Есть с чем сравнить»: чемпион мира из России пожаловался на жизнь в родной стране (видео)

Russian boxer in the light heavyweight Sergey Kovalev, who live in Los Angeles (USA), spoke sharply about life in his native country.

People in Russia is hard to live, I have nothing to compare. I don’t know how to decrypt it, and everything is clear. The situation in the country for people economically disadvantaged. I know what gets a pension, my mother, and how much she pays for a communal flat. Incommensurable money. The products are expensive for pensioners. How to change this? Needs to do something about those who have leverage and strength. Don’t know how to raise everything. Just need everyone to be more friendly. Before it was? One for all and all for one. Now all grinned at each other. There is no unity of some, every man for himself. A helping hand to someone who is a little stretch. This is a social crisis. In General, even the weather. Here is a good weather in Moscow now — the mood improves. When it’s bad, and you’re still concerned about problems, it becomes very hard to get out. I travel the world, see how people treat each other. A little negativity. I wish we were like that once, “he complained Kovalev in an interview with Sport24.

Note that in his last fight, which was held in Chelyabinsk, Kovalev won by TKO in the 11th round of the British Anthony’s Yard and defended his WBO light heavyweight title.


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