“There sits the same mother”: the football team of Ukraine felt sorry for the Russians who died in Ukraine

"Там сидит такая же мать": футболисту сборной Украины стало жалко россиян, погибших в Украине

Sixth year Russia is waging a hybrid war against Ukraine. Thus the concept of “war” instead of the front lines, massive breakthrough & airstrikes transformed into a war for the minds. For many years, the Kremlin is pursuing an aggressive information propaganda against Ukraine. Especially active it has become in recent years. If we talk about the physical aspects, victims of aggression of Russia against Ukraine began more than 13 thousand people, tens of thousands were injured and left disabled, and millions of displaced persons left without a roof over your head.

However, there are those who believe the war of Russia against Ukraine just a political game. So, the player of the Belgian “Ghent”, Ukraine defender Igor Plastun in an interview with “Tribune” made a number of controversial statements.

“I am very sorry for the people and families of the victims. And from Ukraine, and similarly with Russia. Similarly, there sits a mother. Exactly the same as my mother. She’s worried about her son, whom may send to Donetsk against their will. And there he somehow dies. This is a human tragedy”, — said footballer about the war. About the words, as if the Russians are going to fight in Ukraine “not by choice”, wants to remember the material “FACTS” about how two people are easily recruited to go to the Crimea to kill the local population.

The player added: “the Policy is clear for all — the real dirt. In which strange people who are nothing to do thousands. Proud of my country and its citizens, who can, to rise and try to change something. But the dirt does not give these changes become transparent and honest”.

“This is the biggest tragedy of our country. Because of it, our country can start the path to the top. And to throw words that in Russia the scum never will be. Sure, living in this country a lot of decent normal people, just like us. And the tips, sewage solve their global corruption schemes, which suffer from the usual ordinary people”, — said Plastun in the spirit of the thesis of the Kremlin propaganda about the “one nation” and “we are brothers”.

However, the player considers himself a patriot: “Ukraine is my country. The country I love. Now I defend the honor of this country. If before the match 70-80 thousand lay hand on heart, I put my hand on the heart. These people come to support us, for their country, it is important for them. Any conversation and opinion are everyone’s right. We can sit and discuss. Life is not only in Ukraine, in all countries a lot of masks.”

Apparently, the athlete never got the eye of the video as the Russians, “against their will” due to border shelling of the Ukrainian military. Here it is.

Or should it be showing video of consequences of execution of the Russian military column of Ukrainian soldiers in a “green corridor” under Ilovaiskaya.

We will remind, earlier outrageous statements about the war of Russia against Ukraine distinguished other famous Ukrainian sportsmen. Thus, the boxer Alexander Gvozdik does not believe that Russia actually invaded Ukraine, and his colleague Vasyl Lomachenko called the war a “carve top”. The inhabitant of the Crimea Oleksandr Usyk repeatedly could not clearly answer the question of whose still Crimea.

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