There was a photo of the heaviest black hole

Появилось фото самой тяжелой черной дыры

Astronomers have discovered the most massive black hole located in the center of the galaxy Holmberg 15A. It is located at a distance of 700 million light years from Earth.

During the research it became known that discovered a black hole weighs more than the Sun 40 billion times.

Feature black hole, Holm 15A* not only in the mass, but the size of the event horizon, which is 790 astronomical units. Each such unit equal to the distance from the earth to the Sun, writes “Apostrophe”.

Astrophysicists are not going to stop to study this object. They plan to conduct more sophisticated and detailed modeling and to compare the results of the study with additional observations. Scientists are most interested in the question of how it could have formed such a huge black hole.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, former employee of NASA (U.S. National office for Aeronautics and space research) Louise Riofrio said that inside our planet may be a black hole.

“While people looking for black holes in space, black hole can be located in a place where we could think only in the last instance — under our feet, inside the Earth. It can be as tiny as a grain of sand, but weigh as much as the Moon” — said stream.

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