There was a video with the police linking the teenager (PHOTO)


Появилось видео с полицейскими, связывающими подростка  (ФОТО)

This week the mother of 14-year-old boy expresses his indignation against the police in Toronto after the impressive scene of the arrest, which was filmed on camera in the area of Jane and Finch.

Laura Barnaby says that on Monday her son was beaten and bound by his own belt three police officers, with the result that he got a few cuts, bruises, and he had to go to the hospital, where he was said to be tested for the presence of signs of concussion.

“They had no right to arrest and search him, – she wrote in comments to the video on YouTube, showing her son from the beatings in the hospital. – He talked with friends in his neighborhood when the police came up and started hassling everybody.”

This video was one of four published on the YouTube channel Barnaby on Tuesday.

In the most viewed clip of the incident above can be seen as three police officers hold the struggling teenager, while the witnesses leave comments such as “He’s 14!” and “You beat up a small child!”

Hear the boy screams and pleads for help, and the officers pressed him to the ground and told to lay his hands behind his back.

In this and all other videos that the witnesses shared with Barnaby, there are no kicks or hands, but one of the approximately 5-minute recording with CCTV cameras, you can see how, at least, one police officer hits the boy with his fist.

“This is a video that was filmed by a street camera, you can see how the police attacked my son,” wrote Barnaby in the comments to this video.

“As you can see, they beat him when he was in handcuffs, she continues. – They beat his head on the wall, they do not stop, they bind him and throw him in the police car… he’s a minor and three adults the police. I’m so sick”.

According to police, the young man, whose name cannot be named because of the law on criminal responsibility of minors, facing charges. What specifically is not specified.

“When officers arrived at the scene, they started to interview several people who idly spent time and was seen in punishable, criminal possession of narcotic drugs that could possible lead to the recovery of a fine,” – said in the Wednesday statement of the Toronto police.

“One of the respondents refused to identify themselves, as required by law, and after a short dialogue, committed in the course of clarifying the circumstances of the action, traktowac as a criminal offence”, – said in a statement.

“In connection with the age of the person, we can’t comment in detail, despite the fact that the identity was disclosed by one of their parents. The family has every right to file a complaint to the Office of an independent Director to oversee the activities of the police”.