‘There was blood everywhere’: on a cruise ship fighting over clown

Passengers on a cruise ship started a bloody fight after at the party there was a clown.

'Повсюду была кровь': на круизном лайнере подрались из-за клоуна

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“There was blood everywhere,” he wrote on Twitter British television journalist Richard Gaisford. He was on the ship P & O Cruises, Britain, when he was heading home to the UK from Norway.

“Witnesses told me that they were so scared that they had to hide when fighting families”, he added.

'Повсюду была кровь': на круизном лайнере подрались из-за клоуна

Photo: screenshot of Twitter

According to The Telegraph, the fight started about 2 a.m. Friday, July 26, in the restaurant on the 16th floor.

“There was a man in the clothes of a clown that upset other passengers”, — said the artist of a cruise ship.

“All very quickly got out of control, people drank, and there was a fight… Throwing chairs and plates, people are very angry… it Was a shocking sight, and some employees and passengers got scared and began to hide”, she added.

Gaisford, chief correspondent for “Good morning Britain”, wrote on Twitter that the fight started because of “clown”, which came to a formal event.

“It upset guests because they specifically booked the cruise without costumes,” writes the journalist.

“The staff told me that they have never experienced anything like it, and those who fought, locked in a cabin on the last day of the cruise, waiting for the police,” he added.

During the fight, six people suffered. They received “significant bruises and cuts”, according to police.

43-the summer man and 41-year-old woman from Chigwell in Essex, was arrested on suspicion of assault.

Most of the passengers paid almost $ 1250 for a boat cruise that P & O Cruises calls “family” and “offers a truly unforgettable journey,” reports The Telegraph.

“After the incident on Board the “Britannia” we can confirm that all of the guests had already gone ashore, and the matter is now in the hands of local police,” — said the press service of P & O Cruises.