There were images of Dodge RAM with vintage parts from the SRT-10


Появились изображения Dodge RAM с ретро-деталями от SRT-10

The appearance of these renders, may indicate the revival of a pickup truck with an 8-liter engine.

Fans of the brand will certainly remember the full-size Dodge RAM pickup truck 1 of 500 SRT-10 with 8.3-liter petrol engine from the sports car Viper SRT-10, which was produced from 2004 to 2006.

In the near future the company is going to provide us with a powerful version of this truck, RAM Rebel TRX, a series motor on the rear. However, independent designers tried to imagine how it would look like SRT-10 with a modern twist.

So, we have Dodge RAM 1 500 with parts from the old SRT-10 hood with a massive air intake in the middle, flared wheel arches and other familiar to fans of the details. In addition, it is noted that in the warehouses of the concern FCA probably left another 10-cylinder engines from the last Viper.

Recall, upcoming pickups Dodge RAM TRX and TR will be equipped with petrol engines Hellcat with a capacity of 700 and 520 HP respectively.

Considering that even the simplest motor 10 HP more powerful than the V10, run the RAM SRT-10 in the series is still unlikely.

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