These bad habits lead to weight gain

The cause of excess weight is not only improper diet or overeating, but also bad habits that are peculiar to each.

Эти вредные привычки приводят к набору лишнего веса

The easiest way to get better is to monitor the amount eaten, however, many find it difficult to do, because they used to have, sitting in front of the TV or computer. Also look fat and disregard the food. If you enjoy each bite, rather than mindlessly swallowing it, then saturation will come faster and you can avoid overeating.

In addition, serious harm the figure and the habit of eating fatty foods or fast food. Also you need to follow and the size of the portion. Neither of which use any healthy food, just like about losing weight, can not keep speech, if you eat too much.

It is noted that does not is the best shape and the habit to miss a meal, because after a long starvation risk to eat more than increases.